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About us

A cheap guitar and a couple of Dixan washing powder cartons.

If you look at Your Music today you can't say everything started this way.
But it's a human habit to place the soul in their work. It's happiness when you make it.
We carried on from that guitar and cartons borrowed from our mother's kitchen. We teamed with friends, we bought better guitars, from cartons to real drum kits, and we played music for free and earned little money in pub gigs. From our cheap instruments we reached the ones used by our idols, we studied them, evaluated them, opened them, sectioned them…we had an experience; it became our job, our life.
Through the years, enlarging our spaces we capitalized the experience, comparing it with other enthusiasts; if they were simply "lovers", collectors or professionals didn't really mattered. The goal has always been to compare trials and learn the instrument. Because a musical instrument is a breath sucker and leads the owner hands and emotions, giving a different voice to every ear.
Today we are willing to give to our customer what those instruments said to the ones who handled them, in the hope of giving you an answer to your curiosity we fed ours. We hope to give you "YOUR MUSIC" because we don't sell instruments; we sell "your instrument".
If we succeed we feel good, all of us in Your Music